Why are you going to visit Pattaya?


Why not Hawaii, Florida, or the "samo" same old places. Personally the reason I first came over for a visit, the reason was to stay in 3 to 5 star hotels, scuba dive and hang out with a friend who came with me, get some massages, eat some good food, drink some beer and check out the exotic women. There are great islands to visit, there is great diving, great hotels and pretty long legged women. So, sure, your reasons I suspect are the same as mine were. There is still a pretty good exchange rate, the Thai food and warm climate. All these things are true. Plus, the history of the place is amazing and the sights and sounds can be extraordinary.
The shopping isn't bad if you're into it. (clothes are pretty cheap hear)

If you live in Bangkok this is still a fair question. "Why come to Pattaya?"
The answer to the heck out of the Bangkok smog and hangout on the beach!
To put your feet in the sand and have a beer!
To enjoy the show's and entertainment on walking street!
To do some scuba diving around some of the local islands!
To drink some beer, meet some girls, see some shows, scuba dive...and relax!

Yes, it is all of the above. Pattaya is a great place to visit.
It has a bit of everything. The beach, with boat rentals, scuba diving, jet ski's. Just about everything you could want. The beach in Pattaya is not a long wide beach as on some nearby islands. But is is nice to get your feet in the sand and get under an umbrella and enjoy a cold beverage. There are many reasons to visit. The food is good. There are many reasonably priced hotels. There are plenty of local hangouts. For instance if you like a cold Guinness, you'll find many places in town that serve a good cold one. The same goes for food. Obviously, there are many Thai restaurants. There are also bagel shops, pizza parlor's, Mexican food, a little bit of searching and you can find whatever your looking for. It just depends why you're here, who you're with and what everyone wants to do.

Golf, yes, there are many fairways to explore, Diving, of course, plus food, music and general fun.
You and your buddy will enjoy the shows on walking street. You and your girl might just enjoy the food around town and the sights. You and your kids will enjoy the Pattaya Park (water park) the elephant shows, all the attractions, and of course the beach!



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