The Thai People


Keep in mind that most Thai's do not speak English, I mean, they speak next to no English at all. Which means, whatever you say to them, in most cases, they do not understand though they will smile and sometimes shake their head in agreement. (which is confusing, since it seems as though they do understand) But, unless you're at a hotel, most of them do not comprehend more than just hello. So, keep that in mind, every country has it's own language, (generally speaking) Thailand has the Thai language. So, communicating with them, most of the time is next to impossible. It is however, (through sign language) possible to get a general feeling or need across. So, if you need something at a store, you'll have to come up with some kind of way of getting across your specific need. Sometimes the salesperson will bring over someone who speaks a bit of English, then, it just get's more complicated. Someone who thinks they speak the language can really mess things up!

The Thai people are warm, family oriented, and as far as I can tell, eager to learn and eager to have success. You'll find yourself gravitating to your own people though. (it's that shared experience and same language thing) I like the Thai people and help them when I can. But, I feel one of the best ways to help them is to be kind and smile back at them. (this is the land of smiles)
It is an interesting place. Full of contradictions, but, none the less a good place to visit or even live if you have the chance, have the money and if you like the weather.


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