The Thai language is not the most easiest language in the world to speak. One word, has three different meanings, it just depends on where your inflection is when you say it. (Whether it is a cut off sound, ascending sound or descending)

One thing that you really need to learn is how to generally get around. This page will teach you a few basics. But, you really need to hear how it is said as well, so coming soon, will be some audio clips so that you can hear the words, which will help you to learn the very basics in the Thai language.

You'll need to be able to count to ten, in Thai.
0. is SOON
1. is NUNG (long U)
2. is SONG
3. is SAMM..(draw the word out a bit)
4. is SEE
5. is HAAA  (draw it out a little)
6. is HOKE
7. is JET
8. is BAD
9. is GOW
10. is SIP

Counting to ten is pretty easy, but, when you buy a beer, the lady will say "SEE SIP HAAA"
which is 45 Baht. The price at 7/11 for beer, at a bar it might be more, 65 Baht. She will say "HOKE SIP HAAA". (6-10-5, 65 Baht) So, they'll say "SIP" in between the two letters to identify it as being 45, or 65 or what have you. They'll also bring out their little calculators to show you, so you can understand the meaning. But, with a little memorization and know how, using this information you'll be able to tell the Baht Bus driver where you want to go. If you're on Sukhumvit 40 and you want to go to 53, you'll say "HA SIP SAMM", then he will stop and let you off at 53.


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