There are plenty of places to get into your shopping groove in Pattaya.
Shopping centers galore, outlet stores, a floating market, a five story computer *it* center, the list is long. Plus on the roadside are little stores that have strange and interesting items ...just too long to list. The wood working, the tables, the chairs, some made cheaply, some of the very highest quality teak. It's a strange mishmash of crap and
high end stuff all jumbled together, it's up to you to figure out what is quality and what will fall apart in three days.

Tesco Lotus has everything under the sun. You can go in there daily. You'll find everything from motorcycle helmets to refrigerators to fresh squid, plus there is a bakery in there and a large supply of vegetables and fresh fruit. There are several Tesco Lotus stores around the city.

with over 20 million products, has one
of the of the largest selections of
Grocery & Gourmet
Grocery and Gourmet

Outlet Mall Pattaya
Which has a Warner Brothers Studio Store and other high end stores..


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