Where to get a massage


The short answer is just about anywhere, but there are some things you might consider before going. Keep in mind the hotels will have rates much higher than at a massage place that is in the neighborhood. Also, there are many types of massage.
Foot massage, regular Thai massage and oil massage. (my personal favorite)

Most prices are about the same, my idea is to get a cute girl and have her give me a good massage. If I don't get a good massage at least I get to get massaged by a pretty girl. Alternately, my friend will find the ugliest beast this side of Africa to give him a massage, he figures at least he'll get a good massage, he can look at pretty girls later. This is an on going state of contention between us. I think I make the wise choice, he says he's getting the best massage. (different strokes)
But, he is right, ultimately it is about massage, these people (the Thai's) have been schooled in massage, they have been doing it for a few hundred years and they are very good at it. Go get a massage, deep tissue of course for about seven bucks USD, you body will thank you later and if you really like it, give the girl a tip. (40, 60, or 100 Baht if you really liked it)
Your best best is walking into a massage when you see the sign on the door for  150 Baht massage for one dollar, pick a lady and head to the table.
Because every lady will give you a different massage, choose wisely and enjoy!

This is a small smattering (but growing daily) of where to get a Thai Massage in Pattaya.


Bamboo Massage, South Pattaya Road

Happy Dreams, Soi Post Office

Honey Body Massage
Soi 2

Naklua Steam and Sauna, Soi 11, Naklua

Silom Sauna, Soi 3

Stand By Girls 2, Soi Buakhaow

Yellow House, Soi 6, Jomtien

Dream Teen Massage,
(more expensive than most, their obvious selling point is, pretty girls. Massage is 400 Baht an hour) Soi 21, from Klang, (Central Road) walk down 3rd Road, pass Soi 17 and 19, then go right onto Soi 21, Dream Teen is at the end of the Soi.


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